Another Clue in Marvel's INCOMING Murder Mystery Hints at ETERNITY

Incoming 3
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has dropped another "Incoming" teaser, this time apparently striking a balance between the street level and the cosmic. 

The uncredited teaser, which features apparent art from Elizabeth Torque, shows a chalk outline that bears a striking resemblance to cosmic hero Starbrand, and is marked with graffiti that reads "2FACED".

Surrounding the outline are glimpses of Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, and the Masked Raider, who was re-introduced in Marvel Comics #1000. It also bears the caption "A Glimpse of Eternity".

The Masked Raider's identity remains a mystery, however one of the final pages of Marvel Comics #1000 promises "the face behind the mask is revealed" in 2020.

Marvel Comics #1000 page
Marvel Comics #1000 page
Credit: Mike Deodato Jr./Rain Beredo/Joe Caramagna (Marvel Comics)

This chalk outline could be related to the body under a sheet that was seen in the preceding "Incoming" teaser , which foreshadowed a murder mystery.

This is the second of three "Incoming" teasers to feature a puzzle piece shape. Only the first didn't include the puzzle frame. Once again, the teaser bears the date December 26, implying more information may arrive in Marvel's upcoming December 2019 solicitations.

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