WARNER MEDIA Becomes Co-Owner of VIZ's European Division

Credit: VIZ Media

Crunchyroll has signed a deal to become the majority owner of VIZ Media Europe, reports Variety. Crunchyroll is a sister company to DC and Warner Bros. under the larger umbrella of WarnerMedia.

"This transaction between Crunchyroll and Viz Media will combine one of the major anime brands ex-Asia with a well-known and beloved manga and anime distributor," said Tony Goncalves, CEO of Otter Media - the immediate parent company of Crunchyroll under the WarnerMedia umbrella. "Together, we aim to create connections for passionate anime fans across Europe and beyond."

Launched in 2007, VIZ Media Europe is a European sister division to the primary company, VIZ Media. According to Variety, VIZ Media Europe distributes more than 40,000 hours of animation to various European TV channels and VOD services, and also handles VIZ's manga and merchandise in Europe.

"[This deal] will strengthen our position and future growth, adapting to changes in the dynamic Japanese animation industry and global business climate," said VIZ Media Europe's CEO Kazuyoshi Takeuchi.

The manga conglomerate Hitotsubashi Group (which is comprised of Shueisha, Shogakukan, and Shogakkukan-Shueisha Productions) remain full owners of VIZ Media, and have kept a minority stake in VIZ Media Europe.

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