A Marvel Comics Murder Mystery is 'Incoming'

Mysterious Murder Incoming
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has released another "Incoming" teaser, this time foreshadowing a murder, perhaps of a superhero. The teaser, uncredited, appears to be drawn by Tony Stark: Iron Man series artist Valerio Schiti.

It's unclear who could be laying under the sheet, but it seems that whoever it is, their death will have an impact on the Fantastic Four and potentially the Avengers.

The teaser is marked "December 26, 2019," meaning details of the story to which it connects may be revealed in Marvel's December 2019 solictations later this month. December 26 is a Thursday, but it could be assumed comics will be released on a Thursday that week due to the Christmas holiday on Wednesday, December 25.

This is the second "Incoming" teaser Marvel has released in recent weeks. The first depicted a silhouetted figure, perhaps Hulkling of the Young Avengers, holding aloft a sword.

Besides the "Incoming!" tag, both are tied together with the use of starfield patterns, inferring some kind of connection to the cosmic side of the Marvel U.

There is no apparent connection between the two images other than the "Incoming" caption - yet.

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