MAD CAVE STUDIOS November 2019 Solicitations

Mad Cave Studios November 2019 cover
Credit: Mad Cave Studios

Wolvenheart #2 (SEP191873)
Author(s): Mark London
Artist(s): Alejandro Giraldo
Cover Artist(s): Alejandro Giraldo
Sterling is confronted by the true Queen in Black, Elizabeth Bathory, and quickly discovers why Van Helsing was so afraid at the mere mention of her name. Aided by Dorian Gray and Nikola Tesla himself, Bathory steals Sterling's dimension key and kicks him into an open portal. Where and when does Sterling end up and how will he find his way back to London?

RV9 #1 (SEP191871)
Author(s): Ben Goldsmith
Artist(s): Travis Mercer
Cover Artist(s): Nicolas Salamanca
(NEW SERIES) Former assassin, Velveteen, is on the run from the Order of the 9, the organization that took her from her family and forced her into a life where all she knows is secrecy, violence, and death. Now, after years of running, she is bringing the fight to them. With help from an American hacker, Jasper, and a rookie officer with an attitude, Inspector Pazzi, Velveteen will use everything she was taught by the Order of the 9 against them.

Show’s End #4 (SEP191872)
Author(s): Anthony Cleveland
Artist(s): Jefferson Sadzinski, Colorist: Julian Gonzalez
Cover Artist(s): Jefferson Sadzinski
After a successful show, Dax, Loralye and the rest of the freak show are joined by Captain Corley in celebration. After a bit of drinking, Corley begins to reveal his dark past and what brought him to Crawfordsville in the first place. However, the celebration is quickly interrupted with tragic news and Loralye discovers the shocking truth about Show's End.

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