Black Widow
Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

The upcoming Black Widow is "liberating in a way" for Scarlett Johansson - less so for being her first MCU solo film after 10 years, but more because she is executive producing the 2020 film.

"I feel like I'm in control of the destiny of this film, which gives me a lot more peace of mind," Johansson tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I know her better than anybody. What was her childhood like? What is her relationship to figures of authority? This character is gritty and multi-dimensional but has a lot of trauma and has led an unexamined life. In order to operate at this elite level, she has probably had to push away a lot of stuff."

The Hollywood trade says that as an executive producer, Johannson was involved with the hiring of the cast, the director, and the script.

Black Widow is set to hit theaters May 1, 2020.

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