PRINCE's Music Honored in Original Sci-Fi 'Boy Meets Girl' Comic

Credit: Vasco Georgiev
Credit: Vasco Georgiev

Writer (and Prince fan) Vito Delsante is taking his two passions and putting them together in a new 28-page one-shot. Now raising funds on Kickstarter, Tribute: The B.U.t14u7 1s (as in 'The Beautiful Ones') by Delsante and aritst Vasco Georgiev is about an androgynous alien boy who loves music - but lives on a world where all sound is forbidden.

"Tribute is a classic 'boy-meets-girl' story...but in this case, the boy is an androgynous alien from a planet where silence is golden," Delsante explains on the book's Kickstarter page. "The alien (whom is unnamed in the story) is a rebel, and has continually snuck off his planet to experience music and life. Which comes into direct conflict with his father's orders."

Credit: Vasco Georgiev

Mixing a bit of Footloose with Earth Girls Are Easy around a Prince soundtrack, Tribute leads the alien boy to Earth.

"That's when the B.U.t14u7 1s are brought in. Cold and unfeeling, the B.U.t14u7 1s have the ability to silence entire worlds," Delsante said. "The alien is undeterred. Knowing his time is short, he seeks out a special girl and finds on Earth."

Delsatne and Georgiev are aiming to raise $6,500 on Kickstarter by October 2, with a plan to relese the one-shot in January 2020.

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