ZATANNA #1 by Paul Dini & Stephane Roux Coming May 2010

ZATANNA #1 by Dini & Roux, May 2010

This morning on The Source, the blog of the DCU, Zatanna, a new ongoing series, was officially announced with a launch of May 2010. Previously announced writer Paul Dini will be joined by artist Stephane Roux on the series featuring the backwards speaking magician.

Both Dini and Roux have statements on the blog about the new series. Dini says that in this series, Zatanna will act as a "peacekeeper and avenger" in the worlds of magic. He also promises her relationship with cousin Zachary Zatara and the JLA will be explored in the book, with the former being a recurring character and the latter showing up "now and then."

Roux meanwhile noted being a longtime fan of both the character and the writer, and how much fun her adventures are to draw. Roux also gave a shout out to inker Karl Story, who will work with the penciler on the book. Interior pages from the first issue can be seen in the gallery above.

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