ELIOT RAHAL 5-City Signing Tour This Week for MIDNIGHT VISTA #1

Midnight Vista #1
Credit: Juan Doe (AfterShock Comics)
Credit: Rahzzah (AfterShock Comics)

Midnight Vista #1 debuts this week from AfterShock Comics, and for the occasion the series writer/co-creator Eliot Rahal is embarking on a five-city signing tour - complete with a variant cover exclusive to the stores he's signing aftward.

In Midnight Vista, a missing child presumed dead returns years later all-grown up, and has stories of being abducted by aliens.

Here are the five comic stores Rahal plans to sign at this week:

The Source Comics & Games -- Minneapolis, MN
September 4th, 5pm - 8pm

Aw Yeah Comics -- Muncie, Indiana
September 5th, 4pm-8pm.

Credit: Juan Doe (AfterShock Comics)

Downtown Comics -- Indianapolis, Indiana
September 6th, 4pm-8pm.

Challengers Comics & Conversation -- Chicago, Illinois
September 7th, 12pm - 3pm.

Aw Yeah Comics -- Skokie, Illinois
September 9th 5-8.

"Afterward, for anyone who wants to join, Eliot will take you to a bar and tell you the story about how he was abducted by aliens," said AfterShock's Aaron Marion. "Also - one of his best friend's, Mike Janes, will be driving him throughout Indiana. And Eliot loves him very much."

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