Post Game TV Recap: FRINGE S2E14 The Bishop Revival

Post Game TV Recaps: FRINGE Season 2 Ep

This episode begins with a wedding that ends in tragedy as half of the wedding party and guests are suddenly killed by suffocating from the inside out.  The Fringe team is called to the scene and are baffled themselves with the unusual circumstances, until Peter discovers a cinnamon smelling candle that may be the cause of the deaths.  While still searching for answers, more deaths occur at a local coffee shop, this time the cinnamon smelling source being a cup of hot tea.

The constant in both of these occurrences was the creepy villain, a mad scientist Nazi.  The Nazi connection may have been strange in any other show, but the geniuses at Fringe made it work.  As the team soon comes to find out, the weaponized toxin that caused the deaths was the finished product of one of Walter’s father’s research projects.  Robert Bishop served as a scientist for the Nazis while also serving as a spy for the Allies.  This connection really hit home for Walter, and he worked with a special fervor to solve this case.

In the end, Walter is the one that twists the toxin to kill the Nazi villain.  It was an unnecessary death, seeing as Peter had saved the day by finding the source of the toxin at the World Tolerance Conference.  This act showed a different side of Walter, one that was willing to go to any lengths to protect his family and their reputation.

I loved that the molecules of the toxin formed a seahorse, the seahorse that we’ve seen from the very beginning in the leads to commercial breaks.  It was a well constructed episode that was quintessentially Fringe.  It included the classic Walter moments that everyone loves, while also giving viewers a further look into the Bishop family and their relationship.

“The Bishop Revival” was a great episode to lead into next week’s winter finale.  These solid episodes make it a great time to be a Fringe fan!  Hopefully answers about the alternate reality lie ahead as well…I’m getting anxious!  How about you?

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