Credit: Jim Lee (DC)

The identity of the mysterious red-headed woman who will play a key role in Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium has been identified as  Thorn - a present day DC villain apparently transported far into the future.

Thorn - heretofore seen as an unidentified figure in preview art - is a core character for Millennium, which spans multiple DC eras including Kamandi; OMAC; Tommy Tomorrow; Booster Gold; and more, and connects them all with a running narrative.

The reveal came thanks to new pages for LoSH: Millennium by DC Co-Publisher/Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, which were released early on Thursday.

The pages feature an apparent flashback showing Thorn engaged in combat with the Suicide Squad and with Superman - before she wakes up alongside a much older Supergirl (DC's filesharing system for the images specify it's Supergirl) in what appears to be a distant future.

Credit: Jim Lee (DC)

Thorn has previously appeared in Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium writer Brian Michael Bendis' run on Action Comics working alongside Superman. Bendis previously told Newsarama his Action Comics and Superman tales would lead directly to Millennium.

Thorn is actually the villainous alternate personality of a woman named Rose, whose fractured mind state may be one aspect of solving her own arrival in the future.

Interestingly, in one version of Rose and Thorn's story, she marries Alan Scott, the Green Lantern of the Justice Society, giving birth to his twin children Jade and Obsidian. The Justice Society recently returned to mainstream DC continuity after years of absence following the "New 52."

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 is due out September 4.

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