Original MARVEL COMICS #1000 Essay Replaced, Mischaracterized by Press Says Mark Waid

Marvel Comics #1000 covers 6-6-19
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated August 27, 2019, 6:20 p.m. EST: Mark Waid says that the text of his essay which was removed from Marvel Comics #1000 has been "mischaracterized" by some press.

"The only comment I'll offer is that the abridged version that's being circulated by news outlets severely mischaracterizes what was actually written," Waid replied when reached for comment by Newsarama.

Original Story: Marvel Comics has replaced an essay that appeared in advance copies of Marvel Comics #1000 with a revised version for final publication, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Advance copies of Marvel Comics #1000  sent to retailers in July reportedly featured an essay by Marvel Comics writer Mark Waid which was somewhat critical of the United States. 

“The system isn’t just. We’ve treated some of our own abominably,” reads THR's transcription of Waid's original reported essay. “Worse, we’ve perpetuated the myth that any American can become anything, can achieve anything, through sheer force of will. And that’s not always true. This isn’t the land of opportunity for everyone. The American ideals aren’t always shared fairly. Yet without them, we have nothing.”

"America’s systems are flawed, but they’re our only mechanism with which to remedy inequality on a meaningful scale," Waid wrote, according to THR. "Yes, it’s hard and bloody work. But history has shown us that we can, bit by bit, right that system when enough of us get angry. When enough of us take to the streets and force those in power to listen. When enough of us call for revolution and say, ‘Injustice will not stand'."

THR states a new essay by Waid will appear in the final published version of Marvel Comics #1000, due out this Wednesday, that focuses on Captain America as a metaphor for American ideals.

According to THR, Marvel Comics officially declined to comment on the essay's purported replacement.

This follows previous reports that a Marvel Comics publishing partner requested changes on behalf of Marvel to an essay by Maus writer Art Spiegelman which made unfavorable comparisons between supervillain the Red Skull and U.S. president Donald Trump. Spiegelman declined the edits and his piece was pulled from the planned collection.

THR connects Marvel's decision to change both essays to Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter's longstanding relationship with Trump.

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