DCU's Past & Future Explored in 'Justice Doom War' Kick-Off JUSTICE LEAGUE #30

Justice League #30
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

This week’s Justice League #30 will kick off “Justice Doom War,” the finale to the story that Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV have been telling since the launch of their Justice League title in 2018.

That includes the return of the Justice Society of America, as the Justice League recruits heroes from throughout the past, present and future of the DCU to fight against Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom.

But Snyder and Tynion said the surprise guest stars don’t stop with the JSA. They’ll also be featuring Kamandi and characters and concept from throughout the history of the DCU.

When Snyder announced the upcoming return of the JSA in Justice League, he wouldn’t clarify which issue sees their return. But the Justice League #31 cover features Hourman, Wildcat, Hawkman, Jay Garrick Flash, Ted Knight Starman, Alan Scott Green Lantern, Sandman, Dr. Fate and the original Atom.

Newsarama talked to both Snyder and Tynion to find out more about this week’s issue and how the “Justice Doom War” event serves as a finale to the story they’ve been telling since issue #1.

Credit: DC

Newsarama: Scott and James, we’ve talked before about how the Justice League has to go to the past, present, and future to prepare for the battle against Doom. How does that play out across the “Justice Doom War” storyline that kicks off in Justice League #30?

Scott Snyder: From the very beginning, we’ve been building this thing to be epic. If this is going to be the finale of the story that really started when we began the series, we wanted it to be the Justice League versus the Legion of Doom in a way that didn’t just cross the DCU physically, but crossed it all the way through time.

Nrama: That opens the door to all kinds of characters, doesn’t it?

Snyder: Yes, and “Justice Doom War” brings in characters, set pieces, stories from the past - all kinds of things that represent the entire breadth of the DCU, all brought to bear in this one huge battle of good and evil.

That would obviously have to include the return of the JSA, Kamandi - all kinds of characters that you wouldn’t expect coming into this one.

James Tynion IV: This is a story that’s already taken us deep into the Multiverse, has brought in the Monitors, has brought us to every strange corner of the DC Universe. Every arc has been about uncovering core hidden energies behind all the heroes that we know and love - and also the villains who battle them.

For “Justice Doom War,” it’s about scale; it’s about history.

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Nrama: I know these different times in the DCU play a part for the heroes - is it important to the villains and “doom” as well?

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Tynion: Yes! Luthor’s whole point is that there’s an inevitability toward Doom. Being able to take this final battle and stretch it across all of time is really the final point in his argument.

If you go all the way into the past and all the way into the future, is doom inevitable, or does justice reign? That’s the push and pull that we’re going to see drive this storyline. 

Nrama: Scott, you mentioned that this storyline is a finale? So this is the conclusion to concepts we’ve seen in the book since the beginning?

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Snyder: Yeah. “Justice Doom War” is the culmination of everything we’ve been building in Justice League. All of the different forces that Luthor has controlled, now that he’s the apex predator of the DCU, and all of the funneling in of story and energy from “Year of the Villain” toward his and Perpetua - it’s honestly, the big epic finale to everything we’ve been building in Justice League for two years.

And we want you to feel like, when you finish this one, you can go back to issue #1 of Justice League and see how we seeded a bunch of elements of this story and surprises and Easter eggs all the way back there.

Nrama: When the Justice Society comes into the book, are they going to be interacting quite a bit with the Justice League - making friends again like in the old days? Or is it just a battle, and you’re saving them for the “future plans” you have for the JSA (that you mentioned last time we talked)?

Snyder: Without giving too much away, the Justice Society plays a huge role. And you’re going to see relationships forged that I think will surprise you.

You’ll also see Kamandi. You’ll see characters come back from earlier in the series that have disappeared - villains, heroes.

Honestly, this is the reward for reading Justice League throughout the last two years. It’s been such a blast to write with James. We’ve had such a good time working with the artists - the carousel of great artists that we’ve had on the book.

Credit: DC

For us, we want this to feel like, wow, everything had a plan; everything’s getting leveled up; everything’s is crescendoing in a way that feels huge and symphonic and over-the-top, but also inevitably right for the series.

We’re really, really proud of it.

If you said to me, you get one chance to tell one story with your favorite heroes and villains, and you’ll never get another chance, what would it be? This is it.

James and I are really deeply proud of this final chapter.

Nrama: James, anything to add? Maybe a tease about what happens?

Tynion: Lex Luthor kills Superman on page 1 and it gets crazier from there.

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