Ghost Returns in EXCITING COMICS #4 Preview

Exciting Comics #4

Check out a preview of this week's Exciting Comics #4 from Antarctic Press.

Exciting Comics #4
Writers: Peter Breau and Bradley Golden
Artists: Arden Belfry, Donald Willman, Hector Negrete, Dheeraj Dkboss Kumar
Cover Artist: David Hutchinson
After the shocking events in the 100-page extravaganza the Superverse will never be the same!
Black Terror has met his demise, but a new legacy is reborn.  Who or what is the new Black Terror?  The Crimson Scorpion returns as the professor, surviving a brutal massacre, is now coming to grips with his new powers.  But a new evil is born in the wreckage he left behind!  Also in the cards is another round of Bradley Golden's thrilling Black Jaq!  All this plus more that will leave you breathless!

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