ENNIS Returns to PUNISHER & NICK FURY With Two New Titles

Nick Fury
Nick Fury commission
Credit: Goran Parlov
Punisher commission
Punisher commission
Credit: Jacen Burrows

Garth Ennis has announced work on two new Punisher limited series for Marvel - re-teaming with some artistic collaborators and reviving the Marvel MAX imprint as well. The writer revealed the two projects in an interview with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival's website.

"I have two Punisher miniseries coming up - Soviet, drawn by Jacen Burrows and apparently coming out in November, and Get Fury, with art by Goran Parlov, presumably appearing next year."

This would be Ennis' first work with Burrows at Marvel, after work at Avatar on 303, Chronicles of Wormwood, and Crossed.

Parlov has worked with Ennis extensively at Marvel, including Punisher, Punisher MAX: The Platoon, and Fury Max.

Ennis is a special guest at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, which is scheduled to take place October 11 through 13 in Kendal, England.

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