Confirmed: DOC JUSTICE & THE J-TEAM are RUNAWAYS in Disguise

Doc Justice and the J-Team
Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics has confirmed that its just-introduced new superteam Doc Justice and the J-Team are actually the members of the Runaways rebranded as full-on superheroes (just as Newsarama suspected ).

"We started mapping out the latest arc of Runaways, issues #25-30, and we thought about one of the things that this series does best is take a classic Super Hero comic idea and subvert it, do a Runaways spin on it," Marvel Executive Editor Nick Lowe told "From classic moments in the original Brian K. Vaughan-Adrian Alphona run to stuff in the more recent issues, so much of this series is about subverting those Super Hero expectations and ideas."

"For as much as Runaways is a Marvel comic, as much as they're super-powered characters," Lowe continued. "They're not Super Heroes. They never have been. They've done things to help people, heroic things, but they're not Super Heroes; they don't go on patrol. So you'll see the start of it all in issues #24-26, but things really start happening in issue #27."

There's still the mystery of who exactly Doc Justice is. Lowe describes the masked man as a "venerable Los Angeles hero who's without his support team" - but could there be more than meets the eye to the faceless hero?

Additionally, Marvel has announced Kris Anka will return to Runaways to draw #27. Anka launched the current volume of Runaways alongside ongoing writer Rainbow Rowell, but stopped drawing interiors with #18.

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