The Clues Behind DOC JUSTICE & J-TEAM's Reveal as the RUNAWAYS

Doc Justice and the J-Team
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

Updated August 20, 2019: Marvel has confirmed Newsarama's speculation that Doc Justice and the J-Team are in fact the Runaways, being rebranded for a new arc launching in November.

But even with the mystery solved, the clues that led to us sussing out the identities could inform the story coming up in Runaways.

Original Story: Marvel Comics started a mystery this morning when they promoted the impending arrival of "the next great Super Hero team", Doc Justice and the J-Team. With that, we heard a collective "...who?"

But now we think we may have an answer.

After going over the clues (and with a little help from Newsarama reader Oscar from Sweden), all signs point to this new superhero team being, in fact, the Runaways.

Wait... what?

Let's show our math:

Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

First, this new cover is by Runaways cover artist (and former series artist) Kris Anka.

Second, Executive Editor Nick Lowe (who happens to edit the Runaways) said these were "teen" superheroes. 

Third, September's Runaways #25 solicitation says the team will "get approached by a mysterious figure with an offer to form a new Super-Team to protect Los Angeles. Who is this mysterious figure, and how will he convince the least-team-oriented kids in the Marvel U?!"

October's Runaways #26 solicit adds to that, saying the team will be "kitted out and code-named up, and fighting alongside the hero Los Angeles deserves!"

The kicker comes in when you look at the J-Team individually and play mix-and-match with the Runaways' members. That was done by Oscar, for us:

Factor in all of that and the encroaching release of Marvel's November 2019 solicitations later this month, and you have something - possibly confirmed eventually with that Kris Anka Doc Justice & The J-Team image as a Runaways #27 cover, or some exclusive with a news outlet out there.

So that leaves one mystery - who is Doc Justice? Perhaps Doctor Strange, whose ongoing series is being canceled? Baron Zemo, giving the Citizen V-esque garb? Or maybe we'll hold onto that Vance Astrovik pick given his codename as Justice in New Warriors and him at one time pursuing his college degree?

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