Marvel's DOC JUSTICE & THE J-TEAM are Teen Heroes Starring in 'A Whole New Type of Comic Book'

Doc Justice and the J-Team
Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

New details on Marvel's mysterious new super team Doc Justice and the J-Team have been revealed in a Twitter video with Executive Editor Nick Lowe.

According to Lowe, Doc Justice (whose identity appears to be a central mystery to the story) will lead a "motley crew of teen superheroes" who are "coming onto the scene to save the innocent and bring down evil."

"The J-Team is gonna change part of the Marvel Universe forever," Lowe continues. "I know we say that a lot. But it's true.

"Not much is know about the man behind the mask," Lowe explains, referring to 'Doc Justice' himself. "But Doc Justice and the J-Team are joining the Marvel tapestry of incredible characters to bring a new type of comic book to you, the Marvel readers."

It's unclear what Lowe might mean by "a whole new type of comic book." Doc Justice's first appearance hasn't been revealed - Lowe merely says “Look for Doc Justice in upcoming Marvel Comics then stay tuned for more incredible news about the J-Team.” 

Could they make the scene in the upcoming Marvel Comics #1000?

Here's the full video, along with art introducing Doc Justice and the J-Team by Kris Anka.

Given the use of the words "New" and "Youthful" in the Twitter post, there could be a connection to the currently dormant teen team the New Warriors, once led by none other than Vance Astrovik/Justice. Could he be the "man behind the mask"?

Of course, that raises another question - could the mention of the mostly dormant Thunderbolts be more than a casual coincidence? Remember the mystery of the identities of the original Thunderbolts were an important part of their story - and Doc Justice does look a little bit like 'Citizen V'.

A new villainous Thunderbolts will unite in an upcoming arc of The Punisher led by Baron Zemo, the original leader of the Thunderbolts and the first modern Citizen V.

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