MARVEL MONSTERS Celebrated & Revitalized in New Art-Centric Title

Marvel Monsters #1
Credit: Scott Hepburn/Israel Silva (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Nick Bradshaw (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics' monster legacy will be celebrated in August 28's art-centric Marvel Monsters #1 one-shot - with an eye towards making the big behemoths even bigger in the Marvel U going forward.

Marvel Comics editor Jake Thomas recruited artists as unique as the Marvel monsters themselves for this jam-style story, with artwork from James Stokoe, Becky Cloonan, Superlog, and more. This isn't a pin-up book, however - as veteran Marvel Monster writer Cullen Bunn is tying it all together with a story bringing back Monsters Unleashed's Kid Kaiju.

Bunn talked to Newsarama about this unique art-first Marvel one-shot, and the potential for these classic Marvel and Timely characters going forward.

Credit: Clayton Crain (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama: Monsters Unleashed ended a while back, but you're back with more monsters with this month's Marvel Monsters one-shot. Cullen, how'd you and the Kid Kaiju monster crew make it back like this?

Cullen Bunn:  Marvel reached out to ask if I'd want to be involved in a (at the time untitled) book about monsters. The book, they explained, would feature awesome splash pages by a host of very talented people, each image depicting a famous Marvel monster. Those images would also feature these great cross-sections of the monsters by Superlog.

But, they said, they needed a story to wrap around those images. I immediately thought of Kid Kaiju, the character I created for Monsters Unleashed, and I came up with a tale that would showcase those monsters and make sense in the scheme of what the book was already going to do.

Credit: Scott Hepburn/Israel Silva (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: How would you say the monster side of the Marvel U fits in with the rest of it?

Bunn: I would love to see the monsters more involved in the Marvel Universe, represented as something more than background fight characters. These monsters have personality! Even the ones without personality have personality! And I think you could tell almost any kind of story with them. Not to mention, they look awesome!

Nrama: And what is Marvel Monsters about as a whole?

Credit: Becky Cloonan (Marvel Comics)

Bunn: It's a book that digs into Marvel's rich monster history, but also sets up how these monsters could function in stories going forward. It's an interesting project, because I wanted to make sure the events of the story played well with the cross-sections of the monsters. From a Kid Kaiju perspective, I'm most certainly setting up a potential arch-nemesis for him!

Nrama: What are some of the monsters we'll be seeing here?

Bunn: Well, you're gonna see Kid Kaiju's monsters, of course. But the classic monsters represented include Man-Thing, Monstro, Mangog, Monsteroso, and the Hypno-Creature, among others. And they look so awesome! There will also be some new monsters showing up in the story.

Credit: Superlog (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: Do you have a wish list of monsters you haven't been able to use yet, but you'd like to? If so, can you share?

Bunn: It's no secret that I have long wanted to write a Man-Thing series, something that's moody, eerie, weird, and scary as hell. I know he can be a tough sell, but I think I could do a story that would really stick with people.

Credit: James Stokoe (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: Speaking of wish list, the artists involved in this are impressive - Scott Hepburn, Becky Cloonan, Gerardo Zaffino, Superlog - and more coming I'm told. How are you and Marvel pulling this all together?

Bunn: Luckily for me, coordinating all the artists is all on the capable shoulders of editor Jake Thomas. I can only imagine that making this book come together is much more difficult than it looks!

Nrama: What are your big goals for this one-shot?

Credit: Superlog (Marvel Comics)

Bunn: I just want readers to have fun with this. If it draws some attention to Kid Kaiju, all the better!

Nrama: And lastly - could you see yourself doing more Kid Kaiju tales past this?

Bunn: Would I want to write more Kid Kaiju stories? Absolutely! I love the character. I think he's fun because he's a character who can appeal to younger readers as well as longtime fans. I think there's so much potential with him.

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