Who the Hell are Marvel's DOC JUSTICE AND THE J-TEAM?

Doc Justice and the J-Team
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has teased the debut of a new team of superheroes on Twitter - tying the previously unknown "Doc Justice and the J-Team" to a legacy of heroes including the Avengers, Defenders, and - perhaps ominously - the Thunderbolts.

It's interesting to note Marvel did not include 1990's New Warriors as part of its timeline of iconic non-mutant superhero teams - a property arguably as impactful and longlasting as the Thunderbolts - a fact that could potentially be relevant.

Remember, that team's de facto leader was Vance Astrovik, a.k.a. Justice. Could 'Doc Justice' be a rebranded Vance Astrovik - and, by extension, could the 'J-Team' be a group of similarly rebranded New Warriors?

Little else is known about the upcoming team, though the teaser says they'll debut in 2019 - likely presaging more information to be revealed in Marvel's upcoming November 2019 solicitations and, perhaps as likely, spinning out of August 28's Marvel Comics #1000.

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