Update 4: AVENGERS 2010: THOR Is An Avenger

AVENGERS 2010: These Are The Avengers

Update 4: Friday, Feb 5 - After taking a break for another group-shot teaser this morning, Marvel has provided another member of the Avengers in their coming relaunch. Like many before him, he died, and got better. He's been empowered by the Odin force more than once in the last decade, and right now he stands as Asgard's greatest hope for victory and survival in the SIEGE. Verily, he is the Thunder God. He is THOR, the Norse Force for good, and he is an Avenger. His tagline declares that he "Defends those who cannot defend themselves," and by the might of Mjolnir and by the side of his old once-and-future friends and teammates, he'll do some defending in Avengers #1 this May.

Update 3: Thursday, Feb 4 - Teaser #4 is in the books. Clint Barton is back in the purple and wearing the H again as Hawkeye. Hawkeye was a member of the first "new" Avengers starting with Avengers #16, and has been a member of various teams in several different identities, most recently calling himself Ronin, using more hand-to-hand combat skills than a bow and arrow. He has also recently led the "underground" Avengers squad, and rekindled his relationship with long-thought-dead Mockingbird. Oh, and he has died twice in the last few years. The Avenging Archer's tagline is "I have no fear of failure," emphasizing his renewed confidence.

Update 2: Wednesday, Feb 3 - The third teaser reveals an expected, and maybe obvious, but no less exciting choice. Iron man is officially a member of the Avengers in the coming relaunch. The Shellhead has gone through some intense trials and tribulations in the last year, with his ultimate fate after erasing his mind like a harddrive yet to be revealed. As part of Marvel's "Big 3," along with Thor and Captain America, Iron Man has been a staple of the Avengers from the very beginning. The suit shows off John Romita, Jr's take on the new design, and is accompanied by the tagline "I do not dream about the future, I create it."

Update 1: Tuesday, Feb 2 - The second Avengers teaser arrived today, as expected. This time, it's Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. Jessica has been an on/off member of the Avengers for years, and a relative mainstay for Bendis's team. She also was NOT in the original "Heroic Age" teaser, so this should dispell the theory that it showed an Avengers team. "I Make My Own Destiny" is her tagline, and the John Romita Jr. Pin-up can be seen at your right. Click through for the first image, which shows Captain America.

Original Post Monday, Feb 1: Marvel Comics today sent this teaser, which reveals a cast member of the new Avengers team, as well as the artist drawing the book.

After last week's official announcement of "Heroic Age", the launch of Avengers #1, and that other teaser that certainly got people talking, Marvel looks like they'll be slowly but surely revealing more details about their plans for Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the coming year.

Now it's been revealed, according to the text from Marvel accompanying the image, that joining Brian Michael Bendis on the relaunched title is artist John Romita, Jr.

The first character on the roster is both expected and unexpected. It is in fact Captain America, as shown in this Romita, Jr. image,  but it appears to be the gun-toting successor to the mantle, Bucky, Steve Rogers' original sidekick.

Romita Jr. is also drawing the Free Comic Book Day 2010 offering from Marvel, which stars Iron Man and Thor, and serves as a lead-in to writer Matt Fraction's upcoming run on the Thor ongoing.

More roster revelations are likely on their way, and you can find all those updates at this same address.

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