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Credit: Graphite Comics
Credit: Graphite Comics

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Graphite Comics, the most innovative and technologically advanced digital comics distribution and consumption platform, is furthering its mission to spotlight superstar creators and creator-owned series as it announces the debut of its first Graphite Original, Spark, from Eisner-nominated creator Ryan Benjamin, and brings two of the internet’s most popular webcomics to the platform: Scott Kurtz’s Eisner Award-winning series PvP and Nick Seluk’s Heart and Brain, as they roll out another wave of creator-owned titles and launch the beta of their self-publishing platform.   

Graphite Comics, which launched in June, has holistically redefined the digital comics experience for comic fans, publishers and creators.  The platform’s first original series, Spark -- created by Ryan Benjamin (2018 Eisner-nominee for Brothers Bond and Graphite advisory board member) and written by Hannah Benjamin along with artist, Asia Ladowska -- follows the journey of a talented young  artist named Spark as she navigates her way to becoming a professional in the comic book industry and comes into her own as an adult. The story is about letting her inner ‘spark’ shine as she faces daily hurdles while becoming a full-fledged artist.

Graphite’s ability to expand creators’ reach and audience has also gotten the attention of webcomic stars Scott Kurtz and Nick Seluk. Seeing the appeal of Graphite, Kurtz and Seluk (aka Awkward Yeti, who is also a New York Times bestselling author and Graphite advisory board member) are bringing their hit series -- both library content and new content -- to the platform. PvP, also known as Player vs Player, is a smash hit video game webcomic that follows the events at a fictional video game magazine company, whileHeart and Brain is a webcomic staple that follows the ongoing struggle between Heart and Brain.

Credit: Graphite Comics

As Graphite Comics continues to blaze a new frontier for creators, it is also adding Kurtz’ Table TitansIt's Weinye by Weinye, four series by Instagram hit Chris Hallbeck,Cubicles and Shiver Bureau by Walter Ostlie, Ah, Mince! by Plamadon, webtoons Mermaid's Dagger and Crimson Strings by Useros, Rock Mary Rock by Nicky Soh, The Dummy’s Dummy by Mocha, Last Chase by Eggpuranto, Star Crossed by Eggpuranto and Daikon, and RaphComic by Raph.

The expanded creator-owned focus comes soon after the hiring of Jin Kim as Director, Creator Strategy & Growth, with a core mission to help creators develop, market, and monetize their content.

Additionally, today Graphite has launched the beta of its self-publishing platform for creators with revenue share and multiple formats available immediately. This marks the first time that a freemium comics platform is sharing revenue from day one as well as the first platform to support creators who work in any format - comics, webtoons, webcomics, or manga. Self-published titles on the platform will surface throughout the app depending on their genre, format, and age rating, with Graphite’s A.I.-driven discovery ensuring creator’s titles will find their audience. Creators can upload now at upload.graphitecomics.com

Tom Akel, Chief Content Officer at Graphite Comics, added: “Creators are the lifeblood of this industry and the future success of platforms and publishers is tethered to theirs. A core principle of Graphite is that it’s our responsibility to provide creators with the right platform, tools, and opportunities, all while preserving creators’ rights. Today’s launch of our self-publishing platform is another step towards fulfilling that promise.”

The expansion of Graphite’s creator platform comes at an exciting time for the company as it continues to build momentum with the comics industry and fans. Graphite has set a new standard as the first-of-its kind freemium, global streaming service for comics of all formats and readers at all ages and stages of comics fandom, offering over 10,000 titles from over a dozen traditional comic and manga publishers, including Boom!, IDW, Legendary, Dynamite, Tokyo Pop, Aspen, Papercutz, and Top Cow.

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