THOMPSON & BACHALO Crowned as New DEADPOOL Creative Team

Deadpool #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel's new "King" has been crowned as the publisher has revealed the mysterious figure on the throne in its post-Comic-Con International: San Diego "Long live the king!" teaser is none other than Deadpool.

And with the reveal comes the announcement of a new Deadpool #1 from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Chris Bachalo.

"Deadpool's newest mercenary job has him going after the king of monsters, who has claimed a new kingdom for his subjects on Staten Island," said host Tucker Markus, announcing the series on Marvel's The Pull List. "Can Deadpool's smooth diplomacy and Deadpool's smooth charisma and deft diplomacy allow him to keep his head, or will he be royally screwed?"

No other details of the series have been announced, including its intended length. Deadpool #1 is due out in November.

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