MARVEL's MORBIUS Returns With New Title

MOrbius the Living Vampire #1
Credit: Ryan Brown (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Ryan Brown (Marvel Comics)

A new Morbius the Living Vampire title is being launched this November - eight months ahead of the Jared Leto solo film from Sony Pictures.

"For years, Nobel Prize-winning biologist Michael Morbius has been strugging to cure himself of his vampirisim, and now for the first time one may be within reach," Marvel's Ryan Penagos said in the announcement on Marvel's Pull List video show Tuesday. "But the path is littered with dangers and mutations. Morbius may be a vampire now... but what will he become?"

The series is scheduled to be written by Vita Ayala and drawn by Marcelo Ferreira.

Marvel has not specified the length of this Morbius the Living Vampire title.

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