ROB LIEFELD's 2013 BRIGADE Kickstarter Book Aiming for October 2019 Release

Credit: Rob Liefeld/Rom Fajardo
Credit: Rob Liefeld/Rom Fajardo

Rob Liefeld says the long-awaited Brigade one-shot he crowdfunded in 2013 will debut this fall as a New York Comic Con exclusive for $39.99 - but those who backed the project on Kickstarter and Indiegogo will receive their orders by mail before the October event.

"The premiere event arrives exclusively available at NYCC, debuting Oct. 3, 2019!" Liefeld writes on his website.

"The long-awaited, much-anticipated Brigade. Packed with so many secrets it remains under lock & key, away from prying eyes. Produced by the team that gave you Major X & Deadpool, Written and drawn by Rob Liefeld, colors by Rom Fajardo, your only opportunity to experience this exclusive event comic is through this NYCC exclusive signed by prolific creator Rob Liefeld!"

"You must pick this up in person, at the event!," the writer/artist stresses. "Backer copies will have been sent out prior to this, the general public can obtain BRIGADE only through this offer, available on-site at this event!"

Liefeld raised $35,343 on Kickstarter in 2013, and an additional $5,320 on Indiegogo in 2018.

"100% of the funding is going to printing the comic and the hardcover. My personal goal is to produce at least 100,000 copies of Brigade #1 or 50,000 each of issues #1 and #2," Liefeld wrote in 2013. "That is the purpose of this Kickstarter. I draw every day wether I’m paid or not, it’s what I do, but printing comics and giving them away for free must be budgeted and accounted for."

On August 10, 2019, Liefeld wrote on the Kickstarter campaign page that he was redrawing portions of Brigade due to the appearance of Youngblood characters, which he says he "no longer possesses" rights to publish.

"I have 100% confidence that you will find this to be my most exciting and inspired work! So excited to have this out!" Liefeld writes. "Albeit in a very limited capacity."

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