ASK NEWSARAMA Returns! <i>Your</i> Questions Answered


We're trying something new here at Newsarama.

Well, actually, it's something old that we're reviving, but in a new way (kind of like half the characters and concepts in comics these days.)

The name of the feature is "Ask Newsarama," where we come to you, the readers, and request that you supply some questions you'd like answered about the comics you read and the characters you love.

Want to know how the artist came up with that character's costume? Why your favorite supervillain did what he did? How that writer came up with that classic ending to your favorite story? Whatever happened to that writer or artist you used to follow? Let us attempt to help you out.

The idea arose while looking at the "readers questions" we get for editors sometimes during our interactive interview. There are usually a few questions not really appropriate for those editors, but they're questions that I know I could get answered if I had the chance to ask someone different.

It turns out Michael Doran, the founder of Newsarama that still wields the power around here and had to approve my idea, used to do an "Ask Newsarama" feature back in the day when Newsarama was just a fledgling column on [editor’s note: show of hands - who remembers?] He warned that it won’t be easy [editor’s note: I did, really…], but we're forging ahead because the readers have a right to know … or, more likely, because I'm annoyingly persistent [editor’s note: she is, really…]

Obviously, we won't be able to find answers for all your questions. But there might be some questions that we can pursue and resolve. And along with answering your question, maybe we'll supply something interesting for all our readers. So posts your questions, along with who you think you’d like it answered by.

If this trial works, our hope is that we can do this every month. If not, then I'll be back next month with a different crazy idea. For now, let's give it a try with no rules attached other than this – what would you like us to find out for the first installment of "Ask Newsarama?"

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