Still from 'Venom'
Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Michelle Williams has revealed that she will return to her role as Anne Weying in the Andy Serkis-directed Venom 2.

"I'm in," Williams told Yahoo! succinctly, confirming her Venom 2 involvement. “I’m such a fan of Andy’s, and I’m so inspired by what he’s been able to accomplish. He’s so gifted in such a specific way, and I’m very excited to learn from him and be around him.”

As for whether the sequel, which also brings back Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom, will expand on the brief moment in which Anne was possessed by the Venom symbiote, Williams couldn't say - but she's definitely up for it.

“I hope I get equal time that way — I can say that!” Williams said.

Venom 2 does not have an officially announced release date.

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