TODD McFARLANE is Open to an IMAGE UNITED-Like Project

"Image United" by Dale Keown
Credit: Dale Keown (Image Comics)

Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane says he's open to collaborating with his fellow Image founders on a comic book in the spirit of the long-delayed Image United crossover - though that specific story itself may no longer be on the table.

“Possibly,” McFarlane told ComicBook when asked if he'd be willing to finish Image United. “It’s interesting because there’s two thoughts. I’ll tell you why I hesitated; you could do that book and finish it, but it would have been such a huge gap you’ve got to educate a whole generation to get you there. Or do you do something new, relevant, current, that somehow gets the vibe of everything/ We’re actually having some of those conversations right now.”

Image United was initially planned as a six-issue series featuring art from six of the seven Image Founders - Jim Valentino, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio, and Marc Silvestri - providing art, with the seventh founder, Jim Lee, creating covers. The story brought together characters created by each of the founders.

One of Image United's other creators, Rob Liefeld, addressed the series back in April, telling ComicBook he has "a lot of pages" for the story.

"Image United will be completed. I don’t want to give a date but I haven’t given up," Liefeld explained. "I got messages today on my Twitter feed, asking me to finish it up. Look, some things just take more time and this one got caught up in some people who got less enthused with it quickly. I’m not one of them. What it’s going to require is for me to do about 10-15 pages, finish everything that I have from one of the issues, maybe lightly pencil and help out what else is on the page, and then go and make a mass presentation. It’s something I’ve discussed with Robert Kirkman but nobody’s going to take it seriously until the work is done."

Another contributor, Erik Larsen, also mentioned Image United to ComicBook back in January, saying "I laid out issues #4 and #5 years ago and pages have been with the guys, scattered about. I’d like to think that guys are knocking out occasional panels here and that it’ll eventually all come together."

It's unclear what implication the move of Rob Liefeld's Youngblood characters to a new publisher without Liefeld or Image's input could have on Image United, which featured the characters.

Interestingly, back in June Liefeld said that Image founder Jim Lee, now a co-publisher of DC, approached him about a project which would crossover Image and DC characters.

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