Absolute Carnage: Scream
Credit: Mike Allred/Laura Allred (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Gerardo Sandoval (Marvel Comics)

Absolute Carnage is putting every symbiote and all their hosts on notice, and that includes the one-time She-Venom Patricia Robertson. Originally introduced in Daniel Way's early 2000s Venom run, another former Venom writer - Cullen Bunn - will be bringing her back to the Marvel U... and giving her a new name.

She-Venom's rather... weird, huh?

Beginning August 14, Robertson returns to the symbiote fold as Scream in a three-issue Absolute Carnage tie-in series that will bear her new name. Bunn, working with former Venom artist Gerardo Sandoval, is approaching Scream as a new character - while "trying to honor what became before."

Newsarama spoke with Bunn about that and more ahead of Absolute Carnage #1's debut on Wednesday.

Credit: Gerardo Sandoval (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama: Cullen, you're no stranger to Marvel's Venom franchise, but what about Patricia Robertson? What's your impression of her?

Cullen Bunn: Patricia is an odd character for me, because I was really only tangentially aware of her. When I took on this project, of course, I went back and tracked her down, really dug into the character.

The thing is, she's been off the board for so long now, I think a lot of readers will feel the same way about her. I'm approaching her as a new character in many ways, but trying to honor what came before. I like where I'm taking her, though. She's tough, no nonsense, and driven.

Credit: Gerardo Sandoval (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: She of course has a tie with the symbiote who later became known as Mania, which you created a host for with Andi Benton. What's it like for you going back to Mania's original host?

Bunn: That's my favorite part of the story, really! Without giving too much away, I deal with that a bit in this series.

Nrama: Patricia - like all one-time symbiote hosts, are being pulled into Absolute Carnage. What's going on in her head leading up to your tie-in limited series, Scream?

Credit: Gerardo Sandoval (Marvel Comics)

Bunn: Patricia is a hunter in this series, a troubled woman who has thought for a long time now(ever since she lost her symbiote, really) that something bad was coming and she needed to prepare for it. Well, that time is now! She's voluntarily throwing herself into the chaos. 

Nrama: Patricia was at one time known as She-Venom, but is now seemingly destined to be Scream. What do you think about that name change?

Bunn: I'm all for it. I have to be honest, the name She-Venom does very little for me. I get that it's a shortcut to character identification, but Scream is a much better name. 

Credit: Gerardo Sandoval (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: How do you think Patricia is different from the other symbiote hosts?

Bunn: A big part of this story is how Patricia handles this new symbiote. There's some serious, sinister stuff going on in the world, and it would be easy for Patricia to get overwhelmed by it all. It is her determination and willpower that will see her through (or break and send her down the spiral). I also think she's a cool character because she hasn't been a symbiote-host for so long. Still, though, she is haunted by her brief time with a symbiote. It left some deep scars.

Credit: Gerardo Sandoval (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: What do you think of how Jason Aaron and Donny Cates have brought in Knull as part of the Venom mythology?

Bunn: I think it's so cool! What's great about a big shared universe is that these connections, large and small, can be made. Those connections change things. Enhance things. They keep things exciting.

Nrama: Big picture, what are your goals with Absolute Carnage: Scream?

Bunn: There's a goal for these three issues, but I can't tell you what it is just yet. This is a crazy story, and it will be a lot of fun. I just don’t want to spoil where it's headed.

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