Witchcraft and Samurai Warriors Collide in ISABELLAE Preview

Isabellae Vol. 1

Irish magic and Japanese warriors come face-to-face in this preview August 7's Isabellae Vol. 1

Isabellae Volume 1 HC
Raule (W) and Gabor (A/Cover)
On sale Aug 7
FC, 152 pages
HC, 8” x 10”
In the midst of feudal Japan, a young girl who is the daughter of an Irish witch and a samurai master, Isabellae Ashiwara, roams the countryside with her father’s ghost at her side, earning her living by her sword and searching for her long-lost sister, Siuko. Fighting against all odds, Isabellae must take charge of her destiny once and for all and face her past in order to move forward.
- From the brilliant creative minds of Raule and Gabor!
- Three French volumes collected in one English volume!
- Offered in English print-format for the first time!

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