POLL: What Will Impact COMICS Most in 2010?

POLL: What Will Impact COMICS Most?

It's been an eventful 2010 already in the comics world.

DC Entertainment kicked things off with the announcement of "Brightest Day." This title would be for both a book and a line-wide initiative. Heroes return, books return, and folks get a chance to shine after the Blackest Night the DCU has experienced. The Brightest Day dawns in April 2010

Marvel initially announced "The Heroic Age" last fall, but with little detail. Now we know this line-wide initiative will mark a time of "heroes being heroes." The Civil War, the Skrull invasion, and the Dark Reign of Norman Osborn have been increasingly dark and dismal, and now the heroes of the Marvel Universe will step back into the spotlight and bring hope to their world once again. It all kicks off with Avengers #1, bringing a new team led by Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man to life in May 2010.

Apple definitely had the publishing industry in mind when they developed, and announced, their new tablet device the iPad. While comics weren't a featured part of the presentation, the potential to expand on the digital comics market, especially the one already available on the iPhone/iPod Touch (which will all work on the iPad), is huge. The technology is now in place to deliver a near-full-sized, no-scroll-necessary comic book reading experience on a portable digital device. From ComiXology to iVerse to PanelFly and the potential of Longbox coming to the device and the Apple-operated iBooks software and store, publishers have more digital solutions for a "true" comic book delivery than ever before. The iPad hits store shelves in March 2010.

Looking at these three January announcements, then, we ask you, the reader, which of these will have the greatest impact on the comic book industry? Will the Brightest Day pull DC from their perpetual second place in sales rankings? Will the Heroic Age bring readers from the movies, both big screen and animated, into the comic book fold? Will digital comics on a digest-sized device finally jump start the format, and change the way the comics business is run? Or is there something else that has been (or has yet to be) announced that will be the bigger story in the comics world in 2010?

Anyone can vote, no registration necessary, and you can sign up or sign in to give your opinion below.

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