ROB LIEFELD Quits YOUNGBLOOD Over Dispute with Co-Owners

Youngblood #1
Credit: Jim Towe (Image Comics)

Writer/artist Rob Liefeld has announced he has had to "convincingly wash my hands" of Youngblood following an "ugly custody battle" with a co-owner of the property he sold part of it to in 1999. In a Facebook post, the Image Comics co-founder described how he came to sell off some of his creator-owned projects from Image, Extreme Studios, and Awesome Comics, and what the disagreements are that led him to publicly step away.

Here is the Facebook post in full:

Rosenberg is co-owner of Malibu Comics, which was Image's original publisher when they first launched in 1992. In January 1993, Image left Malibu to become its own publishing company.

Rev is well-known for buying Comico in 1990 and obtaining, among other things, the rights to Bill Willingham's Elementals title.

The most recent Youngblood title ended after eleven issues in in May 2018, with Liefeld saying at the time the next planned arc was "too big for the regular series" and would be instead its own event title, Bloodwars.

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