SUPERGIRL Casts Season 5 Villain MIDNIGHT - Report

Superwoman #17
Credit: Ken Lashley (DC)
Credit: Mirka Andolfo (DC)

Van Helsing actor Jennifer Cheon Garcia has been cast as a villain named Midnight for CW's Supergirl season 5, according to Variety.

The Hollywood trade describes Midnight as "the physical manifestation of darkness" who escapes from an "otherworldly prison" seeking revenge.

Variety doesn't specify if this is an original character or something taken from comics, however the character's description is similar M1dn1ght (sometimes spelled 'Midnight'), a villain which debuted in 2017's Superwoman #15 by writer Kate Perkins and artist Sami Basri. In that storyline, M1dn1ght was a computer program created by Lena Luthor to help free her from an inter-dimensional prison; after assisting Lena, M1dn1ght became uncontrollable and was ultimately stopped by Superwoman.

Garcia previously played unnamed bit roles in Arrow and The Flash. She'll reportedly appear in the Supergirl season 5 premiere, scheduled to air October 6 on CW.

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