JIM LEE and RAMON VILLALOBOS Reassure Readers WILDCATS Will Be Released

DC October 2019 solicitations
Credit: DC

WildCATS artist Ramon Villalobos has tweeted that "some deadlines missed" led to DC's decision to cancel orders of the first three issues and take it off their publishing schedule, but he is still working on the book.

"Not cancelled, just some deadlines missed," Villalobos tweeted. "gonna stay grinding, the marathon continues."

DC's CCO/Co-Publisher Jim Lee also commented on the news, tweeting "No one is more bummed than me to hear of the postponing of the launch of Warren Ellis' WildCATS."

Lee made it a point to note that Ellis had turned in "numerous" scripts and that they are "just fantastic (trust me on this)!" In Ellis' newsletter this past Sunday, he said he had completed two issues' scripts as well as "a complete detailed story document."

Lee, who co-created WildCATS, described the series' issue as "kinks in the schedules w/the artists" but that DC intends to "launch anew! #soon #wildstorm"

Back in 2006, Lee and writer Grant Morrison launched a new Wildcats volume, however only the first issue came out. In 2009, DC told retailers at the ComicsPRO Annual Meeting that they intended for Morrison and Lee's full story to be released as an original graphic novel, but would not be soliciting the book until work had been completed. To date, that has not been solicited or released.

More recently, DC canceled orders for the first three issues of Batman & The Outsiders but said they would resolicit it, with the issues eventually being resolicited and published. The Other History of the DC Universe #1 was solicited for a January 2019 release, however that title's orders were also canceled with the publisher stating it they "will resolicit" the book.

DC have not announced when they project The Other History of the DC Universe and WildCATS will be released.

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