Is RYAN REYNOLDS' DEADPOOL Joining 'Phase 5' Of the MCU?

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds celebrated the fifth anniversary of the leak of the first movie's test footage - which led to 20th Century Fox greenlighting and producing the eventual blockbuster - with a mysterious Instagram post that uses some very loaded comic book movie language.

"Investigation heading into year 5," says Reynold's caption, referencing Deadpool's 'search' for the real leaker of the original footage, depicted in the image. "Or as I call it, ‘Phase 5.’ The point is, I love conspiracy-yarn."


Investigation heading into year 5. Or as I call it, ‘Phase 5.’ The point is, I love conspiracy-yarn. #LeakAversary

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Now, unless you've just never watched a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, you probably know what Marvel means when they refer to 'Phases' - series of films that tie together and lead to the next wave of movies, furthering the meta-story of the MCU franchise.

Marvel just announced its plans for 'Phase 4' at Comic-Con International: San Diego - eleven movies and shows that will take the studio into 2021. But studio President Kevin Feige left the studio's 'Phase 5' schedule a secret.

So could Reynolds' use of the 'Phase 5' term in that caption be a clue that Deadpool will join the MCU (as many have speculated) in Phase 5 - the next next wave of MCU movies? Maybe one of those "people we've met before" that Feige says will appear in the evental Avengers 5?

Maybe ... but that's a stretch. Reynolds says right there - he loves "conspiracy theories". 

Perhaps, however - and we're just reading the room here - Reynolds is attempting to once again make manifest his Deadpool-related dream. On the fifth anniversary of the leak of the footage that made him an icon, is Reynolds making a wish for his Merc With a Mouth to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

All we can say for certain is this: it would sure be cool if he did.

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