AMC Harvests Rob Guillory's FARMHAND For TV Show

Credit: Rob Guillory/Taylor Wells (Image Comics)
Rob Guillory
Rob Guillory
Credit: Image Comics

AMC are developing a TV series based on writer/artist Rob Guillory's Farmhand ongoing from Image Comics, according to Deadline. The deal was announced at a Television Critics Association press tour, and framed as part of the network's Scripted Inclusion Initiative. This was announced alongside another project, Of Two Minds by Morgan Dover-Peark.

Credit: Rob Guillory/Taylor Wells (Image Comics)

"The question of who gets to tell stories in television is a critical one, and a key thing I’m focused on is inclusivity, finding diverse writers, creators and talent on both sides of the camera so that we can better reflect the lives and experiences of our audiences," said AMC Networks President Sarah Barnett. "These projects both have incredible promise: they come from smart writers and have a totally original point of view."

Guillory spoke to Newsarama ahead of the book's launch in July 2018, and described Farmhand as “still heavy in horror aspects, but at the same time a lot more grounded than Chew was."

"Farmhand centers around a Southern farmer named Jedidiah Jenkins who is hit with this seemingly supernatural vision that leads to the creation of the Jedidiah Seed. This seed, when planted and watered, grows into human organs," Guillory said. "So overnight Jed’s family farm becomes a one-stop shop for fast-healing plug-and-play organs. He heals the world and becomes rich beyond his wildest dreams. Then everything goes horribly, horribly wrong. So this book is all about the awful consequences of Jed’s invention on the world at large, but specifically its effects on his children."

Into the Badlands' LaToya Morgan is overseeing that initiative, as well as these two shows that are now part of it.

"What has always been important to me as a creator is not just the kinds of stories that get told, but who gets the opportunity to be storytellers," sand Morgan. "With this initiative I wanted more writers of color and women to have seats at the creative table and AMC has been a great champion. These projects by Morgan and Rob, as well as a few others we are developing, are as unique, moving, and powerful as the voices behind them."

AMC has not released a timeline for Farmhand's production or release.

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