Marvel's HEROIC AGE Begins with AVENGERS #1 in May 2010

Marvel HEROIC AGE Begins w/ AVENGERS 1

Heroic Age Teaser

UPDATE 0945: We reached out to Marvel, asking if the image was merely a teaser for the entire initiative or a new Avengers line-up picture, and received simply "we can't comment." As pointed out in our comments section, as well, this Captain America in the updated costume does appear to have blue eyes, as Steve Rogers does, and isn't carrying Bucky's signature gun. Take that as you will.

ORIGINAL STORY: First mentioned back in October during the Retailer Summit in Baltimore, MD, Marvel's "Heroic Age" got a full length announcement today, with a launch date, as expected, of May 2010.

After the April 2010 Solicitations showed Marvel's cancellation of all of the current Avengers titles, the "Heroic Age" will begin with Avengers #1, still written by Brian Bendis, and according to USA Today, led by Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. The promotional image adds an interesting wrinkle, however, with the apparent inclusion of Bucky Barnes, the sidekick-cum-Captain America, rather than the recently returned original Cap, Steve Rogers. The image also features Clint Barton in his old Hawkeye costume.

The press release mentions the initiative will see other new teams launch, new members joining existing teams, and all-new characters involved in the tonal shift for the line. This follows aproximately seven years of increasingly dark stories at the publisher, culminating in the last year of major super-villain Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) essentially controlling the vast majority of super-powered characters in the Marvel Universe. The press release echoes the teaser image, noting:

"From the tone of the storylines, to the stunning new artistic look, The Heroic Age ushers in a dramatic new vision of the Marvel Universe. Marvel’s most elite characters will be at the center of The Heroic Age, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and more!"

DC Entertainment recently announced a similar venture for the DCU to begin in April 2010 entitled "Brightest Day." The parallel tonal shifts come on the wave of a successful United States presidential campaign that preached a message of hope.

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