HOUSE OF X #1 Establishes a Global X-MEN Status Quo - SPOILERS

House of X #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

A new era of the X-Men launches this week in House of X #1 from writer Jonathan Hickman and artists Pepe Larazz and Marte Gracia puts Marvel’s mutants in an entirely new status quo – one that presents a new question for every answer.

Spoilers ahead for House of X #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics

HoX kicks off with Professor X clad in a Cerebro-like helmet in his new younger body (which once belonged to Fantomex) leading the X-Men planting in seeds in strategic locations around the world – which, overnight, grow into massive plantlike ‘Habitats.’

As it turns out, these ‘Habitats’ – and the plants that grew them – are extensions of Krakoa, the Living Island. Through the advancement of mutant technology combined with Krakoa’s unique abilities as a living mutant island, Professor X and the X-Men have turned Krakoa into a sovereign nation state for mutants with embassies around the world.

Also through this combination of technology and mutant power, the X-Men have developed three drugs that could change human life – a pill that extends human life by five years, an adaptable universal antibiotic, and a pill that cures “diseases of the mind, in humans.” In exchange for recognizing the sovereignty of Krakoa, Professor X will give these drugs to mankind, with mutants living in peace on the island.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Krakoa can also produce other plants with mutant power effects – it can grow full ‘Habitat’ structures in mere hours, produce ‘Gateway’ portals between its locations - and can create one final structure, something called ‘No-Place’ that exists outside Krakoa’s awareness. Additionally, the X-Men have developed their own mutant language – Krakoan – which they are psychically implanted with when they come to the island.

All of this is revealed through Magneto, who is now Krakoa’s ambassador to the outside world. As he and the Stepford Cuckoos meet with other ambassadors, Magneto makes the X-Men’s position on the outside world clear – their offer is set in stone and will not be negotiated. Magneto tells the other ambassadors, “You have new gods now,” explaining that mutantkind will inherit the Earth – but they’ll leave most of it to humans if they can only live in peace.

Credit: Marvel Comics

But as usual, there may be a catch – a group called Orchis, comprised of members of S.H.I.E.L.D., S.T.R.I.K.E., H.A.M.M.E.R., Alpha Flight, and other organizations, appears to be building cosmic level Sentinels in an orbital base – preparing to take on mutantkind.

The new X-Men saga continues in next week’s House of X #1.

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