Artist Changes on 5 MARVEL Titles

Marvel Comics September 2019 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is switching out the artists on five upcoming titles.

On Daredevil #10, Jorge Fornes is replacing Lalit Kumar Shama. Shama has illustrated issues #6 through #8, and remains solicited for #9

Flavio Armentaro has taken over Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors #2 from Alberto Albuquerque. Earlier this month, Marvel informed retailers of the same kind of switch for #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics

In a similar situation, Nico Leon is taking over drawing the lead story in Agents of Atlas #2, replacing the originally-solicited Gang Hyuk Lim. Leon did the same for issue #1.

Over on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, guest artist Ken Lashley is extending his stay on the title - taking over #12 series artist Juann Cabal. Lashley previously guested on issues #8, #9, and part of #10.

And Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Rose Tico #1 will now be drawn by Ramon Rosanos, taking over from Leonad Kirk.

Marvel did not give reason for these changes in their notice to retailers.

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