Duggan & McCrea's DEAD RABBIT Lives Again With New Name, New #1

Dead Eyes #1
Credit: John McCrea (Image Comics)
Credit: John McCrea/Mike Spicer (Image Comics)

Gerry Duggan and John McCrea's short-lived 2018 Image Comics title Dead Rabbit is returning with a new name and a new #1. Now titled Dead Eyes, the first issue is scheduled to hit shelves October 2 with an oversized #1.

"We're very happy to introduce you to the violent, funny, and sad world without justice in Dead Eyes," said Duggan. "A former stick-up man must return to his life of crime when the pressures of living in a Kleptocracy push him to the breaking point. This is McCrea & Spicer's very best work and we're thrilled to punch Dead Eyes into your face beginning this October."

Originally launched in October 2018, Dead Rabbit was canceled after two issues - and in a rare move, Image asked retailers to return any existing copies of Dead Rabbit #1 and #2.

Credit: John McCrea (Image Comics)

Duggan, McCrea, and Image haven't explained the reason for the unusual circumstance, however the name conflicts with a popular NYC bar called Dead Rabbit which itself published a recipe comic book titled Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem.

In an interview with the creators ahead of Dead Rabbit #1's release, Duggan told Newsarama that McCrea came up with the name "Dead Rabbit."

"I wish I could swipe the credit, but I think John is the one that nailed that," Duggan said. "It's a spot on match for his creepy look, and it's a badass thing for the character to like about - that he's descended from one of the OG gangs of New York."

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