Undiscovered Country #1
Credit: Image Comics
Credit: Image Comics

Scott Snyder, Charles Soule, and Giuseppe Camuncoli's Image Comics creator-owned series has formally been revealed as Undiscovered Country. Set to launch this November, Undiscovered Country is framed as an ongoing series that will "explore the eerie ripple effects of isolation."

Revealed at a retailer event during Comic-Con Internaitonal: San Diego, Undiscovered Country has been a project Soule and Snyder have teased for months. They handed out SDCC-exclusive black-and-white ashcans of the first issue during this retailer luncheon.

"As soon as Charles and I came up with this idea I knew it was special - one of those ideas that turns into big, wild, world-building story. And this series is just that: a twist-filled trek across a landscape that's alien, mysterious, and full of adventure," said Snyder. "It's like Land of the Lost meets Lewis and Clark, with a team of characters we've already come to love as family."

Undiscovered Country is set in a future where U.S. has erected walls and isolated itself from the rest of the world. After decades of seclusion, a small international expedition ventures inside the walled-off country in a desperate hope to find a cure to a pandemic plaguing the rest of the world. What they find, according to Image, is a vastly different version of America.

"When two of your favorite writers, whom you've previously and brilliantly already worked with, ask you to team up for a new book, you get what I call a 'no brainer'" said Camuncoli. "It took me a second to say yes, I didn't even really need to know what the story was about because I already knew it couldn't have been less than stellar. And of course it is stellar, and then some."

For years, Soule has worked as an immigration attorney in New York City.

"I can’t believe this is my job. Working with Scott, Cammo and the rest of the team - all stars every one - is a dream on a creative level," said Soule. "We’ve got ourselves a hell of a high concept here, and fleshing it out together - filling our sealed-off U.S. with beautiful, insane adventures - has been one of the great thrills of my career. It’s been wonderful to make Undiscovered Country with my friends, and I think it’ll be just as fun to read."

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