MARVEL Returning to 2099 in a Big Way

Marvel 2099 teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is teasing a return to its 2099 timeline - and it picks up on a recent development from this month's Amazing Spider-Man #25. During a retailer event at Comic-Con International: San Diego, the publisher shared a 2099 teaser with a November 2019, with Nick Spencer attached.

Credit: Newsarama/Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

In July 10's Amazing Spider-Man #25, the main story ended with a cliffhanger as Spider-man 2099 (in his classic costume) dropped out of the sky, landing on the ground and appearing dead. With that splash page, the caption text read "The future is dying."

Remember, 2019 would be exactly 80 years until the year 2099.

Look for more on this developing story here at Newsarama.

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