Post Game: CHUCK S03E03: Chuck Vs the Angel De La Muerte

Post Game: CHUCK S3E02

The episode opens at UCLA in 2000, where both Awesome and Ellie have skipped class and are making out in a supply closet, possibly a habit picked up back when Ellie was playing the Gift Shop Girl in “Scrubs”. It’s apparently the first day they’ve met, and they’re already tearing one another’s clothes off. Fast forward nine years and Awesome is trying to set up the TV in their new apartment while Ellie is looking for both the broom, and Chuck, who was supposed to be there but didn’t show. Already she’s starting to have some post-wedding blues, looking at their wedding album and longing for a vacation from “real life.”

A helicopter flies, very close, and Ellie asks Awesome if he’s noticed how many helicopters there have been lately; he says he doesn’t, but a moment later he’s in Chuck’s room, waiting for Chuck to come back. The harness to Chuck’s parachute is still attached to him, and Awesome tells him that maybe he ought to land a little farther away from now on. Awesome asks him some of the finer points of CIA work, thinks it sounds awesome, and the pair walk to Ellie and Awesome’s so that Chuck can set up their TV for them. When he does, the first thing that they all see is a news story about a communist leader called Alejandro Goya—a Castro-proxy, who’s visiting the US for the first time, and who apparently has collapsed from a heart attack. Chuck flashes on Goya, and then excuses himself when a text message summons him to Castle. Before he can leave the room, Awesome gets a page and has to head to the emergency room, leaving Ellie all alone.

At Castle, Beckman tells Team Bartowski that they need to go to the hospital and protect Goya, who is going to announce his country’s intention to hold its first democratic elections. It’s an issue for Casey, who has been personally ordered to kill Goya on several occasions (it’s implied to be the only assassination he’s ever failed to accomplish), and an issue for Chuck because Awesome is Goya’s doctor. Beckman tells Team Bartowski that if anything happens to the Premier, she’s holding them personally responsible—which is echoed a second later when a group of machine-gun-toting soldiers tell Awesome the same thing.

Flash forward to the team still at Castle, and Awesome on the news telling everyone that the Premier is going to be just fine, and is being released from the hospital. Hoping to find out what really happened to Goya, and to determine whether there’s a continuing threat, Casey decides to kidnap Awesome in order to get him to turn over the records—but Chuck vetoes that on the grounds that it only makes sense in Casey’s warped mind and that he can just ask Awesome for the information. When Awesome gets home, Chuck is waiting for him.

When he starts asking questions, Awesome asks if Chuck doesn’t want to take him to their “secret base” for debriefing, to which Chuck tells him that there is no secret base, and that he watched too many movies. Awesome tells him that it wasn’t really a heart attack, and that there were off-the-charts levels of potassium in the Premier’s body. Chuck determines that he was poisoned and starts to take off, but Awesome offers any other assistance he can lend; Chuck tells him that he’s not going to get his brother-in-law mixed up in the crazy spy stuff and that Devon should be content with getting his excitement just being an extreme-sports heart surgeon.

At Casey’s apartment, Beckman is telling Team Bartowski that they have to gatecrash a banquet at the Embassy tonight in order to protect the Premier from further threats; when Sarah points out that such an action constitutes an invasion on foreign soil, Beckman tells them that they’ll have to enter undetected and remain that way, and that the CIA will have no official knowledge of the operation. Casey tells Chuck and Sarah that they’re the ground team on this one and he’ll have to stay in the car, since he’s one of the most wanted men in Costa Gravas, called “El Angel De La Muerte,” the angel of death.

At that moment, a handful of Goya’s gun-toting guards appear in the courtyard, but just before Casey can start shooting, Chuck realizes that the gunmen aren’t here for Casey, but for Awesome. When Awesome goes to the door, Goya himself is there, who thanks him and hugs him for saving his life. Ellie comes outside and the pair of them are invited as guests of honor to Goya’s gala (say that five times fast!); Chuck springs out into the courtyard and manages to look clumsy while arranging an invitation for himself and Sarah to the gala.

Chuck and Sarah are there on a fake-date, keeping an eye on the Premier while Ellie and Awesome enjoy every second of their lavish night out. When Chuck flashes on a badguy, but loses him in the chaos, Casey puts on a Costa Gravan military uniform and sneaks in to protect the Premier—but as he moves to intercept the assassin, his sudden movements and gun are noticed by Awesome, who tackles him, not recognizing him as Casey behind a false moustache.

Back at Castle, Beckman tells Chuck and Sarah that they won’t be able to move on recovering Casey at least until after the Premier has made his announcement. That leaves Casey to fend for himself in the basement of the consulate, where he’s strapped to a chair and being interrogated by Goya. When Casey argues, he’s gagged—which is unfortunate because it’s just then that the actual poisoner comes in, and injects something into a cigar before giving it to Goya. Casey tries to kick it out of his mouth, but the Premier picks it up, taunts him with it a little, and then collapses.

Back at their apartment, Ellie and Awesome are just about to start recreating their first day of medical school in the closet of their new apartment until he gets an emergency page from the consulate, asking him to come see the Premier right away. He goes to get Chuck, promising to help get them inside and then leave the spy stuff to the professionals; moments later, he’s at Castle with Chuck, reveling in the secret base that he knew was somewhere. Chuck had to go and pull the consulate schematics off the Castle computers so that they can try to figure out where Casey is; while they’re there, they run into Sarah, who accuses him of being crazy for bringing a civilian into Castle; Chuck tells her that she’s just as crazy, given that he’s guessing she’s there to invade foreign soil against orders. He tells her that Awesome has a way to get them all into the building with a minimum of mayhem and bloodshed. With Chuck and Sarah dressed as nurses, the three enter the consulate.

In the basement where Casey is being held, he’s still strapped down to the chair and gagged—the assassin comes in and identifies himself as from The Ring, who want to maintain the status quo in Costa Gravas and needs to kill the Premier before he announces his intention to open the elections. Intercutting the team’s attempts to save Goya with the assassin and Casey fighting in the basement (Casey smashes the wooden chair to bits against the stone wall in order to win and escape, while Sarah and Chuck knock out a couple of guards with machine guns so that they can sneak off to find him). Just as he gets up from the chair, Casey is shot in the knee by a guard, who’s soon after incapacitated from behind by Sarah. The three rush to the room where Awesome is taking care of the Premier, but when Awesome refuses to leave before he’s saved his patient’s life, they all get stuck there as a group of armed guards storm the room.

They say that they hadn’t found anyone in Casey’s cell, and when Casey collapses from the blood loss in his leg, the guards tell Chuck to prove he’s really a doctor by saving his friend; Awesome tries to lend him advice and guidance, but they shush him. Moments before they start shooting, Chuck flashes on the bullet wound and suddenly knows how to field-dress it. Just as everyone is sharing in the glow of saving Casey, though, the Premier starts to crash. Awesome tells the soldiers that he warned them, without getting him to a hospital it would be impossible to save him; he needs a transfusion of clean blood, and Awesome doesn’t even know what blood type Goya is.

Casey, who has studied the man in-depth in his previous attempts to kill him, does know; it’s the same as his own blood type. After an abbreviated Marx Brothers routine, the agreement is made that Casey will donate blood for a transfusion in order to save Goya and get them all out of there. Casey isn’t a party to the agreement, of course, but he wakes up at Castle with Beckman onscreen thanking him for his “extraordinary sacrifice.” There’s also a large box of pre-revolutionary Costa Gravan cigars addressed to Casey from Goya, who thanks Casey, says that he’ll never forget that the blood of an American patriot flows through his veins, and renames Casey “The Angel of Life.”

At Orange Orange, Awesome stops over to see Chuck and says that he’s glad to have helped out, but that the double life isn’t worth the excitement, and that he’s “scratched his espionage itch.” He says he has to take care of some things at the hospital before going home for the night, and leaves Chuck and Sarah to discuss their post-breakup cover; they decide on being just friends for everyone else’s benefit.

At the hospital, Awesome is on the phone with Ellie and tells her that he’s had a crazy night, and that he’s got one more patient before he can come home and enjoy Ellie’s surprise. He opens the door, though, and his patient is the assassin, brandishing his syringe full of poison. Cut to Sarah at Chuck’s door, where there’s a lot of meaningful looks and inaudible dialogue in which Sarah can be heard to whisper “Devon” in Chuck’s ear, then hug him. When Ellie comes looking for her husband, the two of them just look at each other and the shot fades out.

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