The Batman's Grave
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

The Authority creators Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch are reuniting for a 12-issue DC series titled The Batman's Grave. Scheduled to debut October 9, The Batman's Grave will be about "life, death and the questions most are too afraid to ask" according to the publisher.

Credit: DC

"The team that brought us The Authority now turn their talents towards The World’s Greatest Detective, whose current case forces him to inhabit the mind of a murder victim with a half-eaten face - without filling the empty grave next to those of his parents," reads DC's description.

"But first, Ellis and Hitch get into the mind of a butler. Once a week, rain or shine, Alfred Pennyworth walks to a little cemetery plot in the Wayne Manor grounds. He meticulously tends to Thomas and Martha’s headstones, plinths and slabs: weeding, cleaning, polishing. But how much longer before there’s another Wayne memorial to tend to?"

Kevin Nowlan will be inking Hitch's work on the maxiseries - the two worked together on the recent Hawkman: Found.

"My very first work at DC was two issues of Legends of the Dark Knight,” Ellis said, “so it’s been 25 years since I did a full-length story with the Batman. I’ve decided to revisit the crime scene where my career in American comics began, and I’m so grateful that my old comrade Bryan Hitch is doing this midnight run with me. It’s been too many years since we last did a long campaign together."

Ellis has also written the Dark Knight in the anthologies Batman: Gotham Knights, Batman: Black & White, and the one-shot Planetary/Batman: One Night on Earth. Ellis and Hitch last worked together on a new Authority story for 2017's WildStorm: A Celebration of 25 Years.

Credit: DC

"I’ve drawn some covers and used Batman in Justice League and JLA, but since I read Jim Aparo and Don Newton’s Batman runs in the 80’s I’ve wanted to do a proper, big Batman story," Hitch said. "Fellow Authoritarian Warren Ellis had one to tell, so when he mentioned it I said ‘yes’ before even asking what it was about. That’s what you do when Warren says ‘I’ve got a proper, big Batman story.’ It’s been over twenty years since we changed Superhero comics together, and now we get to give Batman the fight of his life."

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