STEVE RUDE Says MARVEL Turned Down Monthly Project From Him

Steve Rude
Credit: Steve Rude (Marvel Comics)
Steve Rude
Steve Rude
Credit: Steve Rude

Writer/artist Steve Rude says that talks with Marvel Comics for him to work on a new, monthly title have broken down and that "it will not be happening."

"As many of you know, being an artist who grew up in the 60’s, what I had offered Marvel was a return to older sentiments - something I believe lost to them for many decades now," Rude wrote in his newsletter. " Think back to the often-reprinted compilations, when Marvel was still in its infancy and run by a small office staff in the middle of Manhattan. Much like 'the little engine that could', and despite rates that barely rose above todays minimum wages, we readers were treated to something almost unknown to todays gimmick-riddled audience; people that delivered and books that shipped on time. Sadly, when once little companies become big corporations, returning to the practices of their once humble origins becomes logistically impossible."

Rude has previously worked with Marvel on several occasions, including the limited series Captain America: What Price Glory, Spider-Man: Lifeline, Thor: Godstorm, and X-Men: Children of the Atom, as well as pieces for Fantastic Four #50 and Heroes for Hope.

"While I’m certain that there are still many good, forward-minded people at Marvel who still believe in a return to simpler roots, in my case, whatever faction of their current staff may have sided with my offer, they were not enough."

Rude hasn't specified with whom at Marvel he was in communication.

Rude says that his next project will be new Nexus material, as well as Dark Horse reprinting the recent newspaper strip serial he self-published.

"Along with anticipated cover offers, fill-in work when others are running late, and your always appreciated personal commissions, I hope to continue being as productive as possible," the artist ended. "Marching ever forward, and into the light, Steve Rude."

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