NTH METAL MAN Leads New METAL MEN Title Coming This Fall

Metal Men
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

DC's Metal Men are returning in a new 12-issue maxi-series fueled by Nth Metal. Avowed Metal Men fan Dan DiDio (DC's co-Publisher) is writing a story with artist Shane Davis that will tie the characters in with Nth Metal - which was recently retconned in the Dark Knights: Metal event.

"I’m a longtime fan of the Metal Men and had a chance to write them briefly in the anthology, Wednesday Comics, several years ago," said DiDio. "With this new series, we explore the essence of what makes the Metal Men human, by having them caught between Doc Magnus, the man who created them, and, the newly introduced, The Nth Metal Man, the being that gave them life. What I’m enjoying most about this book is the chance to stay true to all existing stories, while building out their mythology in exciting new directions."

Credit: DC

Scheduled to debut October 16, Metal Men will begin when the heroes find a warehouse of dilapidated, previous versions of themselves apparently cast aside by Doctor Magnus. At the time time, Nth metal appears at Challengers Mountain.

"Dan and I have a goal on this new Metal Men series to give everyone a quality, entertaining story riffing off modern sci-fi narratives in a way that can only be done at DC," said Davis. "Hopefully fans will like our take on artificial life and find the unexpected humanity in these robots."

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