Full First Issue: Parrott & Slavkovic's OBERON

Oberon #1

The ousted fairiei plots his re-crowning in a full first issue preview of August 28's Oberon Vol. 1: The King of Lies TPB from AfterShock Comics.

OBERON vol 1: THE KING OF LIES TPB / $14.99 / 120 pages / color
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Milos Slavkovic
Letterer: Charles Pritchett
Main cover: Milos Slavkovic
Betrayed by his people and exiled to Earth, Lord Oberon, the former king of the fairies, seeks out an innocent prophesied child in order to manipulate her into becoming his ultimate weapon so that he can reclaim his rightful throne.
From writer Ryan Parrot (VOLITION, Star Trek, Batman: Gates of Gotham) and artist Milos Slavkovic, OBERON is a new supernatural adventure proving once and for all that fairies should never be trusted. This volume collects issues #1-5.

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