Space Bandits #5 variant
Credit: Dave Gibbons (Image Comics/Netflix)
Credit: Dave Gibbons (Image Comics/Netflix)

Dave Gibbons has illustrated a variant cover for November's Space Bandits #5 from Image Comics. Written by his Kingsman collaborator Mark Millar, Space Bandits features a "Legends" variant with each issue including the writer's childhood comics heroes.

"If you’ve read the back-pages of the Kingsman trade or watched the DVD extras you’ll know how long I’ve wanted to work with Dave," Millar told Newsarama. "I wrote to him when I was seventeen asking if we could work together and it finally happened when I was 41. The guy is just my hero. Both in terms of how he draws a page and his attitude to the business. You could sail to the end of the Earth and still never find anyone with a bad word to say about Dave G."

Previous "Legends" variants were drawn by Howard Chaykin, José Luis García-López, Walt Simonson, and Klaus Janson.

"He’s the Boss. Having him round out the Legends variants is just perfect. Are we really just charging 75 cents for these?"

Yes, Mark, you are.

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