Variety Places MILLIE BOBBY BROWN in Marvel's ETERNALS

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown
Credit: Kathy Hutchins /
Credit: John Romita Jr. (Marvel Comics)

Millie Bobby Brown is a part of Marvel Studios' Eternals cast, at least according to a matter-of-fact but incidental mention in a Variety run-down of the studio's Comic-Con International: San Diego plans.

"Supreme Geek and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is expected to unveil brand-new franchise starters at the convention in late July," writes Variety's Senior Film writer Matt Donnelly. "Chief among them is The Eternals, a series about godlike alien beings to be adapted by indie director Chloé Zhao (The Rider) and starring Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, Richard Madden and Stranger Things lead Millie Bobby Brown."

There has been rumors and speculation that Brown was in talks for a role in Eternals, but nothing substantial had been reported. It was enough for ComicBook to ask studio president Kevin Feige about it - and reports of Donnie Yen as well.

"Both good actors that would be fun to see in the MCU," Feige said. "But nothing specific, or nothing to talk about."

While Variety's Wednesday story is not definitive, that one of the most venerable Hollywood trades with lines of communication open with all major studios and who often breaks major casting news placed Brown in Eternals without any qualification is worth keeping an eye on.

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