Who are THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS' 'Infected' Pawns?

'Who are the Infected?' teaser - cropped
Credit: DC

A new promo for DC's 'Year of the Villain' initiative focuses on the Batman Who Laughs and his 'infected' pawns, asking "Who are the Infected?"

Credit: DC

This teases DC's upcoming Batman/Superman series in which the Batman Who Laughs 'infects' six DC heroes turning them into his new Secret Six. The first of these 'infected' heroes was revealed to be Shazam. Judging by this promo art by Nick Bradshaw, Cully Hamner and Hi-Fi, the other five could be basically anyone - potentially even Batman or Superman themselves.

July 31's Batman Who Laughs #7 sets the stage for the series, as explained to Newsarama by writer Scott Snyder. Batman/Superman #1 is due out August 28.

Editor's note: a previous version of this article incorrectly credited Art Adams as the artist of the promo image. The text has been updated to reflect the correct credits.

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