What Comics Go With What Cocktails? Let JEREMY HAUN Guide You

Comics & Cocktails
Credit: Jeremy Haun
Credit: Jeremy Haun

Writer/artist Jeremy Haun is launching is bringing his love of comics together with one of his other loves - cocktails - for a new project called Comics and Cocktails. The project, hosted by Patreon, will have bi-weekly comic-style receipts of Haun's favorite cocktails. This isn't ingredients written on the back of a bar napkin, no - he'll be including illustrations of bottles, ingredients, and barware.

"It brings together my love of comic book storytelling and crafting a tasty beverage," Haun writes. "Over the past few years I've made more than a bit of a hobby of mixology-- doing everything from learning how to mix a perfect Old Fashioned to making my own bitters."

Haun is aiming to eventually collect these strips into a standalone book.

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